• FxWirePro: the day ahead- 5th July 2019

    来源: FxWire Pro - Commentary / 07 七月 2019 10:59:00   America/New_York

    Not many economic data and events scheduled for today, but some with high volatility risks associated.


    • Japan: Coincident and leading economic index will be updated at 5:00 GMT.
    • Germany: Factory orders report for the month of May will be released at 6:00 GMT.
    • France: May trade balance report due at 6:45 GMT.
    • Spain: Industrial output report to be released at 7:00 GMT.
    • United Kingdom: Halifax house price report to be released at 7:30 GMT.
    • United States: NFP report will be released at 12:30 GMT.
    • Canada: Unemployment report to be released at 12:30 GMT, followed by IVEY PMI at 14:00 GMT.